So Jeff Davis wants to kill Sterek?
Good luck.


So Jeff Davis wants to kill Sterek?
Good luck.



american money seems so confusing

its all the same colour so u have to like pay attention when ur giving people money

like what if u go to give a friend a dollar and accidentally give them $100??? what if u dont correct them???

add some colour 2 ur economy america

vive la australia

Americans do not need multiple colors to help us distinguish between a $5 bill and a $50 bill. We learned how to read numbers in grade school. It was at that same time we learned how to capitalize the first letter of every sentence. Maybe they don’t cover that in Australia?

My American computer has a little red line that appears underneath a word that is likely not spelled correctly. Perhaps you, a lover of “colours,” would benefit from such a feature?

It’s “America,” not “america.”

It’s “your,” not “ur.”

It’s actually “it’s,” not “its.”

Better luck next time.

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Guys, can you please not reblog sterekmoon

the person is a Reposter

The person didn’t make any of the manips/edits/etc that were posted on him/her blog and the ask is deactivated

Are people not allowed to repost things that they like and want to promote? So long as they aren’t taking credit for the work, what’s the problem?
please Jeff


I just keep hoping that they have made scenes like Allison’s funeral or them crying for her, Isaac leaving and stuff. Maybe they didn’t show those scenes because they need them for the final or something. I really want that!!!

Agreed. I mean, can we at least get Chris and Scott visiting her grave together if nothing else? Let’s get back to stories that almost made sense.
Color me confused.
Anyone care to tell me their own thoughts?

Color me confused.
Anyone care to tell me their own thoughts?



Jesus all I want to do is read a good fic where stiles is badass as hell and NOT FUCKING DEREK for fuck sakes why is it so hard to find a good length fic where sterek isnt the main plot or endgame ugh

Don’t have a fit because your version of fanfic doesn’t correspond to what people are writing. If you want to see something specific then write the story yourself. No one is forcing you to read anything you don’t want to. I get the purpose of a rant but it seems a little unproductive when all you’re doing is complaining and not making any steps forward.
The Fan’s Bill of Rights

We need something like this.

1) No person, whether cast, crew, or network executive, shall in any way intimidate, criticize, or make fun of a fan for a difference of opinion. Should this occur, an apology should be issued as soon as possible.

2) No fan shall be talked down to or made fun of for having a question and having the courage to ask it. There is no such thing as a stupid question, or a question that deserves snide remarks in response, so long as it does not violate the personal privacy of whomever the question is being asked. In the event that such a question is proposed, a simple “I decline to answer” is all that is required.

3) Recognizing that fandom can be full of a myriad of conflicting opinions, it is hereby forbidden for one ship to receive preferential treatment over another, whether said ship is or is not cannon, or will or will not become cannon at a later date.

4) All fan works shall be treated with respect by members of cast, crew, network executives, and any hired or voluntary intermediaries acting on the behalf of cast, crew, or network executives. This includes:
a) Artistic representations of current and former cast members created through drawing, painting, mixed-media works, or technological design software.
b) Short stories, fan fiction, poems, limericks, or anything else created using language.
c) Videos, whether using clips of episodes or cast promotional appearances
d) Any other creation made by a fan in appreciation of the show or its characters
In addition, all artists, writers, and creators of original work shall forever retain the copyright and be able to control the use and modification of their properties as they see fit, whether for profit or for free distribution.

5) In the event that the fans are utilized to vote in online polls and win, whether for a cannon or non-cannon ship, character, etc., all effort must be made for the specific individuals involved to be there to receive the award. If that is not possible, a selected representative may pick up the award or prize and deliver it to the specific individuals in question. The award or prize should be kept at the office so all cast and crew can appreciate the effort that went in to securing said prize or award. Upon the cancellation of the show, the prize or award is to be auctioned off for charity.

6) If the cast or crew is to be doing promotional work, whether in direct access to members of the public or to be released later for their consumption, said cast and crew should be reminded of these regulations and given the opportunity to clarify any point they do not understand.

7) It is acceptable to pay the cast and crew to appear during promotions of the television show, at a price point determined by network executives and the cast member and his or her representative(s). However, the cost for the fan to attend should not be extravagant, nor should extra money be required for what is commonly referred to as a “meet and greet,” where autographs and pictures may be taken. In order to ensure that all that want to attend can, entrance to the event should be at a moderate price point where other revenue can be gained through the sale of officially licensed materials. Raffles for prizes are to be encouraged and they can require payment to enter, so long as the fee is reasonable to the average attendee.

8) It is required to be written into every cast contract that failure to follow these guidelines can and will result in the termination of employment, which would be up to the discretion of network executives.

9) The writing staff will have full autonomy to develop and implement storylines as they see fit. Network executives are allowed input but the creation of engaging stories is left to the writers, who may choose to either take or ignore input at their discretion. Network executives are allowed to request treatments and storylines prior to renewing or canceling the television show. A working relationship between the two is encouraged as some changes may need to take place during the writing and filming as the show airs.
a) The cancellation of a show is up to network executives. Once the show is canceled, all effort should be made to provide the show and its characters an appropriate send off.

10) Above all else, fans should be treated with respect and dignity. In return, all fans are expected to treat the cast, crew, and network executives in equal measure. Death threats are strictly forbidden, even when it can be assumed as a joke, and should be referred to authorities whenever necessary.

——————————– • –—————————

Are you with me? Feel free to add anything you think should be included. This was created as a way for me to vent my frustration at the current situation.

Say what?!


There are so many bad apples in the Teen wolf tag right now. If you have a problem, don’t disrespect others.

First, if an actor doesn’t like a pairing, DEAL WITH IT. It’s not your decision what they like or not. It does not make them a bitch, homophobe, or whatnot. You are DISRESPECTING them….

Positivity, not negativity? Are you trying to be serious right now?

How is calling someone a bitch being positive?

I’m the best judge of whether or not I have been offended, ridiculed, or ignored. I don’t need someone else who doesn’t even understand what is going on (let’s face it, you can’t completely understand where we are coming from because you are not experiencing it as we are) to preach to me about disrespecting cast members when I spend many, many hours writing fanfiction and voting in online polls. I am a fan and deserve to be treated with respect, whether I like men with men or men with women.

Let me be clear: I am not criticizing you for having an opinion that is different than mine. I am criticizing your holier-than-thou attitude which judges me because of a pairing that I favor, as well as my position that the cast of a show bears responsibility in treating the fans as they would want to be treated.

Finally, I leave with you a bit of advice: if you are unable to have a debate about a topic without resorting to name calling and passive-aggressive behavior, you’re not getting your point across in a way that will make someone else willing to listen. I suggest you re-read the first sentence of your post and try taking your own advice.


I voted for Stiles and Derek of @MTVteenwolf for Ship of the Year at the 2014 @mtvU #fandomawards

Jeff Davis can ignore us all he wants. We’ll show everyone else what it means to be pack.

Anonymous said: Will you still watch season 4 of teen wolf? So many fandom blogs like prettiestalpha and colethewolf are not going to watch it simply because of the finale.


I’m….not entirely sure yet. I said yesterday that I would hold off my judgement until after the season finale, and I’ve watched it and think I probably need some time to mull things over.

However, if I stop watching it will not be “simply because of the finale”, as I’m sure other bloggers who want to drop out agree. It will also not be because of the lack of sterek scenes, by the way, which I should probably state explicitly right now lest another asshole anon comes into my inbox and accuses me of spreading negativity because my OTP isn’t canon. 

I’m considering not watching the show because it has turned into something I don’t love that much anymore. It often gives me more pain and anger and stress than happiness, and it didn’t used to be like that. You guys all know that I have always poured my heart and soul into the show: it’s the fandom I’ve invested the most in. I love the characters, I love the actors.

I loved season 1 and 2. Season 3 has taken the show into a direction I’m not really happy about - at the beginning of 3b I was super excited about how the show brought the pot and problems back to the characters, but then about mid-season, it went into ten directions at the same time again and ended up a bit of a clusterfuck. Not as much as 3a, but it was still noticeable. 

I have several problems with the writing of the show in general, mostly concerning plot holes and character development, and bunch of new stereotypical characters being added every season that draw the focus away from the characters we actually care about. (x | x | x | x). I have troubles coming to terms with the abundance of consent issues and the fact that they are never truly dealt with. (x | x | x). I have a problem with how the show never deals with any emotional fallout of what is happening to the characters - I’d hoped season 3a would be that for Jackson and Lydia (ahahah) and 3b for the rest of the trio, but we didn’t get anything, and I doubt we’ll get it in season 4.  and yes, I also have a problem with the blatant queerbaiting going on, even though I now realise we never should’ve gotten our hopes up anyway because in that interview where JD said Stiles’ bisexuality is possible spoiler territory he follows up with “if it fits the storyline”, which is the queerbaiting sentence to end all queerbaiting sentences, a big “ahahaha fuck you you idiot that’s never going to happen” disguised as a maybe (not that it would need to fit the storyline because Stiles could easily be openly bisexual but never happen to date a dude on the show, but you know how it is, queer relationships have to be important to the plot and all straight ones are just thrown at us, whether they make sense or not. 

Basically, the list of things that make me want to stop watching Teen Wolf because they make me very upset is getting very very long.

On the other hand, I don’t ever want to really leave the fandom. I love the fandom, I love the fanart and the fanfics, and I know I’ll still ship Sterek when I’m 80 and sitting in an armchair surrounded by a bunch of cats, and if I want to continue contributing to the show (which I do, I never want to stop making gifsets and writing fanfic), I will probably need to watch the show anyways, if only to get new material to gif.

The good thing is that I don’t ned to decide now. I have until June, and maybe until then I’ve managed to compartmentalise some of the issues I mentioned above (and the others I forgot to mention). I’ll probably give it a try, because the characters are my babies and I love them, but I can’t promise I won’t quit eventually.

I will never quit the fandom, though. You can’t get rid of me that easily.

'because Stiles could easily be openly bisexual but never happen to date a dude on the show, but you know how it is, queer relationships have to be important to the plot and all straight ones are just thrown at us, whether they make sense or not.'

My thoughts exactly. Then they go and bring people back just because JD likes them while they completely ignore the characters that they do bring in (Parrish, Morrell).

I also think it may be time for me to move on. Not because Sterek isn’t happening, but because I feel the show is always about what JD wants, whether it makes sense or not. Yes, it’s his show and he is the writer. But I don’t have to watch something I no longer enjoy. I should want to watch it for the right reasons, after all.



hello yes, i am a proud sterek fan


sure we’re weird, bizarre and twisted. but we’re also the ones you guys turn to when you need to win something.

I won’t apologize for my reasons for watching a show, or for wanting to see two fun characters paired together. I won’t be sorry that I am who I am and that I want what I want. I won’t be shamed for it no matter what anyone else says or does. Most of all, I forgive Tyler Posey for being on a show with fans, and for being asked to participate in an interview where questions that might pertain to fans of the show are asked. I don’t watch the show for Sterek alone, but the assumption was that anyone who ships Sterek is watching the show for the wrong reasons. I can just as easily watch something else, Posey.